15 Dead In The Soweto Mass Shooting

15 Dead In The Soweto Mass Shooting

Night life is indeed a nice experience due to the fact that you experience the world differently, but one thing for sure is that night is very dangerous.Yes it is true that one can experience danger even during the day, but at night the risks of having problems are very high compared to during the day.

In South Africa people believe in having fun by going out during the night with friends, having drinks and travling a lot at night but then a lot of criminal activities are committed at night.A group of people were having fun at a tarven in Soweto after the unexpected happened.

It was reported by the authorities that the mass shooting occured yesterday around 12:30 am, where 12 people were declared dead on scene, while the other 3 passed on in hospital.This is a very sad occurance because no one deserves to lose their lives in that manner.

The South African Police Services(SAPS) have confirmed that investigations are being carried out, has the cause of the shooting remains unknown at this point.Such mass murders at tarvens are now becoming regular in the country, which should be an alarm to the government to taken corrective action.

May the souls of the deceased rest in perfect as death is a very sad occassion, and we pray that God heals the souls of all the families of the victims, by giving them strength through this serious pain.This is a developing story, as we await more update from the SAPS.