60 Minutes celebrates Thanksgiving

60 Minutes celebrates Thanksgiving

Late an hour reporter Morley More secure wrote about the multibillion-dollar flavor industry, where flavorists, scientists and item designers make secret equations to make "food amusement parks" in the personalities of purchasers. More secure talked with a scientific expert at Givaudan, the biggest enhancing organization on the planet, who showed him 750 distinct kinds of orange, tangerine and mandarin flavors. The story not just centered around the most common way of making these counterfeit and habit-forming flavors, yet in addition the effect that taste has on the American populace.

"We're eating fat on fat on sugar on fat with flavor," Kessler told an hour. "Also, a lot of what we're eating with these flavors, you need to ask yourself, is it truly food?"

From cutting turkeys himself, to providing details regarding a scandalous official exculpation of a turkey, an hour's Andy Rooney assists us with observing Thanksgiving through time from his exceptional and once in a while straightforward point of view.

In the video beneath, Rooney presents the defense for an all the more generally pre-arranged Thanksgiving supper. "In any case, we ought to return to fixing Thanksgiving supper the old design way - - no blends, no frozen food, nothing canned," said Rooney. "Frozen turkey isn't terrible, it's only not on par with a new killed turkey."

At last, Rooney protects Thanksgiving, an occasion pressed out by organizations that "sell-a-brate" Christmas all in all too soon for his preferring. "It should be illegal to begin Christmas before December," yelped Rooney.