All Casinos In Macau Have Been Closed Down

All Casinos In Macau Have Been Closed Down

The Government seems to have let their guard down with covid 19, as we have seen the easing of the restrictions happening quickly without taking into account the consequences that come with those actions.The Chineese economy is one of the wealthiest in the word but this covid 19 is also affecting their economy even now.

Earlier this year the Chineese Government announced the easing of all covid 19 restrictions to allow for economic activities to continue taking place, because it is no secret that covid 19 is deadly but the poverty that comes with lockdown restrictions is unspeakable.

Things haven't been going as planned unfortunately, as we are seeing a rapid increase in the number of covid 19 cases as a result of the cutting of these restrictions.The Macau authorities have declared that all Casinos close down as they are regarded as none essentials and this is key to the methods to reduce the number of cases.

All none essential businesses will shutdown for a week as the government wants to assess the situation and formulate a response but at the same time immature closure of business even though they are non essential might harm the cash streams of the economy.

Today's world is a very sad one indeed because despite all the efforts with the vaccines, covid 19 measures the virus continues to destroy a lot of people's lives and it is clear that the government is facing challenges ending this coronavirus permanently.