Durban Son A Suspect To Mom's Murder

Durban Son A Suspect To Mom's Murder

Shalendra Samath is blamed for killing his mom Ormilla Samath too looting her.

As per the Public Arraigning Authority (NPA), the State is charging that in July last year, Samath killed his mom and pulled out cash from her ledger, utilizing her bank card which he took from her.

"This happened following a fight among them, and Samath dodged specialists however was captured not long after," said NPA representative Natasha Kara.

At the hour of the homicide Response Unit South Africa manager Prem Balram said Samdath's body was found in her kitchen at her home in Olivine Street, Everest Levels.

"Response Officials continued to the home. On appearance, (they) talked with occupants who expressed they had last seen the old female the other day."

Balram said the Response official saw blood by the kitchen entryway. He looked through the window and saw her lying on the floor. He constrained make the way for get entrance.