Here Is Why Pens Down Is Not Good For Students.

Here Is Why Pens Down Is Not Good For Students.

TAs the 2022 Public Senior Testament (NSC) tests attract to an end, the division asked students to abstain from joining in or facilitating "pens down" parties so the nation doesn't encounter another Enyobeni bar misfortune.

On June 26, 21 young people from View Park in East London lost their lives following an evening of celebrating at the Enyobeni Bar.

Final resting places of the 21 youngsters who kicked the bucket after they choked at a bar in Landscape Park. Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Office (ANA)
A toxicology report that was delivered before demonstrated that the young kicked the bucket from suffocation at the packed bar.

Reports around then expressed that the 21 understudies from neighborhood schools were important for a festival of the finish of-year tests.

Shocking scenes from inside the Enyobeni Bar where 21 youngsters kicked the bucket. Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Office (ANA)
It urged students not to permit peer strain to get the better of them. "It is astute to pick right and be protected," it added.

The office likewise approached guardians and local area individuals to cooperate to reprimand the "Pens Down" parties in the most grounded terms conceivable.

It expressed that a few students lost their lives because of wild way of behaving at such gatherings.

As per the division, students risk impromptu pregnancies and contracting physically sent sicknesses because of the "wild" parties.

Moreover, guardians and gatekeepers were mentioned to screen their youngsters' developments and direct and emphatically deter them from participating in such exercises.

"How about we hold hands to safeguard our youngsters and to shield their future," the division said.