Kwa Mai Mai Residents Furious With The Government

Kwa Mai Mai Residents Furious With The Government

JOHANNESBURG - Kwa Mai inhabitants whine of lodging distribution debasement following a staggering fire three months prior.

One individual passed on and 100 more were harmed in the fire, which destroyed north of 450 homes leaving numerous desperate.

The reason for the fire was as yet unclear.

It's been just about 90 days since the fire moved throughout Kwa Mai dislodging many families.

Onlooker News returned to the area and observed that many were as yet destitute.

"This councilor doesn't help individuals. Individuals who live in those shacks are individuals we don't have the foggiest idea yet they got houses. The issue is that they continue to give their relatives houses yet individuals in need are left without homes."

In any case, ward councilor Themba Mkhize said lodging assignment was on target.

"We began obliging individuals who live with no expectation in light of the fact that their circumstance was critical, and I'm not mindful of this deceitful rundown for houses that are going near, and it has not gotten to me as the councilor."

Human settlements MMC, Mlungisi Mabaso concurred.

"Every impacted family or families were obliged".

Mkhize said more houses would be given over on Tuesday.