Taco Bell Has Good News For It's Lovers

Taco Bell Has Good News For It's Lovers

Taco Ringer is bringing back a fan #1!

After a democratic period where cheap food fans could pick either the Two layer Taco or the Enchirito, the burrito-and-enchilada-combo ruled with in excess of 62% of the votes, the cheap food chain declared Friday.

Yet, Enchirito fans better move quick. The restricted time offer is, to be sure, restricted — accessible on the menu Nov. 17-30. Fans can arrange the dinner on the web, through the application or by means of in-store stands cross country.

Despite the fact that it appeared on the menu during the '70s, Taco Ringer stopped the Enchirito in 2013. However, it appears to be the meat, bean and onion filling enveloped by a flour tortilla — which is covered in sauce and liquefied cheddar — has remained new on the personalities of cheap food clients. Fans cast in excess of 760,000 votes, Taco Ringer revealed.

"This one's all you, #TeamEnchirito. The Enchirito™ will be back temporarily beginning 11/17," the chain shared via web-based entertainment.