The Top Criminal Offender Has Been Arrested.

The Top Criminal Offender Has Been Arrested.

Representative for Gauteng Traffic Police, Sello Maremane said the 41-year-elderly person was captured on Tuesday night.

"The speedster was captured on Tuesday night in the wake of (being) tracked down exorbitantly driving a white Mercedes-Benz C200 at 208 km/h in an endorsed greatest speed cutoff of 120 km/h," Maremane said.

"The driver was officially charged at Kempton (Park) police headquarters for foolish and careless driving with an elective charge for surpassing as far as possible."

A 41-year-elderly person was captured on the R21 road for timing 208 km/h in a recommended 120 km/h zone. Picture: Gauteng Traffic Police
Maremane said the commonplace police unit is worried about the few instances of foolish and careless driving in the territory.

"The Gauteng Traffic Police will go on in its purposeful endeavors of watching unsafe areas to save the existences of street clients and anybody found ignoring the principles of the street will be brought to book to confront the full could of regulation."

In January, the Gauteng Traffic Police's rapid unit captured a 36-year-old driver after she timed 220 km/h on an endorsed most extreme restriction of 120 km/h along the N4 East turnpike.

At that point, Maremane said the lady was driving a red Volkswagen Golf 7, when she was recognized by the rapid unit which conducts procedure on Gauteng significant courses and expressways.

"The driver was confined at Bronkhorstspruit police headquarters, having to deal with penalties connecting with wild and careless driving, with an elective charge of driving in abundance of the recommended speed breaking point of 120 km/h," Maremane said.

He said cutting edge innovation was assisting the Gauteng With dealing Police to cinch down on careless drivers.

"The Gauteng Traffic Police's high velocity unit has been effective in cinching down on speedsters, because of the utilization of the most recent mechanical gadgets, like the moving infringement recorders (MVR), during their tasks.

"The MVR records the typical speed estimated over at least 500m. The occasion is recorded and downloaded for examination and arraignment purposes," he said.