Violence Continues Within The Manenberg community

Violence Continues Within The Manenberg community

The Manenberg people group is held by dread following more shootings nearby.

Throughout the course of recent days, three individuals have been shot in isolated occurrences.

The first, over the course of the end of the week, was Abdullah Boonzaaier, the child of the late previous posse chief, Rashied Staggie.

"The packs don't give cautioning, there are no alert signs. They simply begin shooting and your life is recently upset

Wrongdoing extremist Roegshanda Pascoe expressed that while the area was tense, police were on the ground going about their business.

"Individuals are apprehensive for their wellbeing, that is the reason there's quiet about what occurred on Saturday with the shooting of Abdullah Boonzaaier. I'm only appreciative for the police, who are right now watching," Pascoe said.

She said that the local area was damaged and power cuts had just deteriorated the issue.

"Load shedding is at present not aiding, it's keeping individuals more in injury and dread and we can simply supplicate that this will blow over," Pascoe said.

Captures presently can't seem to be made following the most recent shootings nearby.