Zikhona Gcwabe Has Revealed Sad News To The Public

Zikhona Gcwabe Has Revealed Sad News To The Public

"I saw them killing my sister and her companion. There was nothing I could do aside from stow away for cover."

Sad Nosipho Gcwabe, 22, remembered the excruciating snapshots of seeing her sister, Zikhona Gcwabe, 31, alive for the absolute last time.

Zikhona was sitting inside a vehicle with four companions while weapon hauling men started shooting at them.

The vehicle was left external Zikhona's home in Finetown, south of Johannesburg.

Three of her companions got away from the vehicle.

Tragically, Zikhona and a companion were gunned down. As per police, furnished shooters killed six individuals and injured five in Saturday's mass shooting.

Nosipho was inside the house at around 20:00 when she began heard shots.

"At first, they seemed like they were not even close to our home," she told News24.

"The sounds were drawing nearer to our home. They then seemed like they were outside our home. I rushed to the window in the parlor and peeped."

She needed to call her sister and her companions to rush to the house in light of the fact that the discharges were so close.