Blade Nzimande Has Reacted To The Nsfas Saga.

Blade Nzimande Has Reacted To The Nsfas Saga.

Nsfas is a bursary that seeks to assist the students that can not afford to pay for their fees.It has been responsible for a lot of good graduates we have seen thus far, hence it is a very important pillar in the education of the students.There are set requirements that a student needs to met to ensure that he or she is funded throughout the studies.The only problem we face in South Africa is the high corruption from our government officials.

Same applies with Nsfas, there have been a lot of corrupt activities going on from within, which is bad because a lot of students are being reject with the reason being they do not qualify.Well that is not the case for all of them , because they get rejected while they fall under the bracket where one is eligible for funding.Thus due to the fact that corruption is getting out of hand and if the South African Government does not do anything about it, the country will fall down bad.

The Higher Education Department Minister Blade Nzimande alleged that Sassa could be involved in the recent corrupt activities taking place within Nsfas, which is bad because a lot of students fail to go persue their studies due to financial contraints, while the government officials who are supposed to be protecting the economy are missallocating resources for their own benefit.

Investigations are being carried out, as the ANC pledged to fight corruption with all it's power despite the party being the most corrupt out of all the political parties.This situation is different because education is key to producing future experts hence, the country's economy is in the hands of the future.Thus meaning the government needs to take corrective action to deal with this matter because failure to do so may result in the downfall of our economy.

We ought to see what will happen next, but since all the officials within Nsfas and Sassa are being investigated, we hope the culprits are found and dealt with according because their damaging people's lives.