UJ Has Released An Update On Nsfas Funding

UJ Has Released An Update On Nsfas Funding

Nsfas is a bursary that serves to give students who have insufficient funds to pursue their studies, and this could be due to poor backgrounds.Long back before the bursary was introduced a lot of students, very smart students passed their secondary studies and could not progress forward to tertiary due to financial issues.

Thanks to today's government all students have full equal rights to education, which can be used as a powerful tool to change someone's life in the near future.Key aspects discussed in the update regarding the UJ's communication regarding the Nsfas current situation are:

1.NSFAS Funded List(Both New and Existing Students)

The list of students approved for funding was released back in February 2022, in which 25842 students were approved.As of today 23559 should be already registered.Sadly there are those who still await approval but UJ has assured the public that it is working hard to have the situation sorted.

2.NSFAS Appeals

It is not secret that students who fail to meet pass requirements for continuous funded are disqualified from the bursary.Students are given the opportunity to appeal that decision and 43051 appeal applications have been received for 2022, but only 15815 have been approved thus far.

3.NSFAS Allowance

It is cruciall for students to sing the consent form on ULink to speak up the funding process

For additional inquiries kindly email studentaccounts@uj.ac.za