Courses that DOESN'T require maths in south africa

Are you a student who is looking forward to joining an institution of higher education and are not sure whether any courses will accommodate your performance? If that is the case, you do not need to fuss because there are courses that do not require Maths in South Africa and would suit you best. How about checking them out?

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) - Courses that don't require maths.

Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology (APS 20)

Diploma Jewellery Design and Manufacture (APS 20)

Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts (APS 20)

Diploma Interior Design (APS 22)

Diploma in Commercial Photography (APS 22)

Diploma in Motion Picture Production (APS 22)

Higher Certificate Music (APS 18)

Diploma Performing Arts (APS 20)

Diploma Interior Design (APS 20)

Diploma in Commercial Photography (APS 20)

Diploma in Integrated Communication Design (APS 24)

Diploma Motion Picture Production (APS 22)

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